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mission statement

Investing in healthcare and education to build economic self-reliance for rural Ugandans.

We are the funding partners of KIDA (Kitojo Integrated Development Action), a Ugandan-run non-governmental organization. KIDA fights HIV/AIDS and poverty and runs a small hospital in the rural communities of the Ruteete Subcounty of the Kabarole District in Western Uganda. We fully support KIDA’s mission, which is to “enable vulnerable individuals and communities to take care of their own lives.” Although many of our members are motivated by a religious faith, we are not a sectarian organization but a humanitarian one. We do not discriminate on the basis of religion, race, creed or sexual orientation.

Our inspiration comes from the people in Uganda who are bravely fighting the AIDS epidemic with very limited financial resources but with deep religious faith, hope for the future and genuine love for one another in this poor rural community. Their perseverance and resourcefulness truly demonstrate the tenacity of the human spirit. We greatly admire KIDA’s director, Rev. Ezra Musobozi and his wife Marjorie, who together provide the vision and effectively mobilize people into compassionate service.

We named our organization after the beautiful mountain range that towers over this area: the Ruwenzori mountains. “Ruwenzori” is a distortion of a Ritooro word that means “rainmaker”. The mountains are so named because the tallest peaks are almost perpetually covered with clouds. The people who live and farm the land here believe that the rain brings the blessings of God. 

Our founders fund most administrative and fundraising costs, so you can be sure that your donation goes directly to the people of Uganda. To schedule an educational presentation or to inquire about visiting KIDA, contact our Executive Director Kristen Brock at info@friendsofruwenzori.org or directly at kristen.brock@friendsofruwenzori.org.

KIDA, our partner, has a website at http://www.kidauganda.org. Visiting KIDA is encouraged. Our teams have enjoyed the accommodations at the Kitojo Guest Cottages, a bed and breakfast near the home of and run by Rev. Ezra and Marjorie Musobozi.

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