Your Impact

KIDA by the Numbers
(from 2017 annual report)

* KIDA Hospital saw 4261 outpatients averaging nearly 335 a day. 61% of these visits were women.

* With a 30 bed capacity the hospital had 2342 admissions. 47% were pediatric cases. Thanks to you there is excitement that in the coming years these pediatric cases will be in their own ward and not have to be interspersed with adults. 507 mothers were admitted with 332 deliveries. 33 of these babies were born HIV positive and were linked to immediate care. 23% of these deliveries were by teen mothers

* 160 surgeries were performed. 53% were considered major operations.

* 4204 people were tested for HIV. 2% tested positive. The clinic has 450 active clients in their care. 

* KIDA had 2068 members in their Health Insurance Program

* 46 students were enrolled in Vocational training including bricklaying, carpentry, tailoring and hairdressing. 21 students graduated from the program. Some are continuing but some dropout due to inability to pay fees.