Thanks to our donors who really came through for us, Friends of Ruwenzori recently raised the $19,000 needed to purchase a replacement van and get the old broken down one ready for resale. The van is an essential piece of equipment in the Ruwenzori foothills where all the roads are unpaved and get muddy in rainy seasons. The staff use it to pick up medicines and blood, deliver reports and transport patients in an emergency.

Pictured here are Catherine and her husband with their newborn, recently delivered by C-section at KIDA Hospital. Since their home is 6 km away and the home situation was tenuous, the doctor decided they needed a nurse to accompany them home and check things out. So this family received one of the first rides in the new van. 

A few days later a young mother named Elizabeth needed an emergency C-section at a time when neither of the anesthetists were available. The doctor on call transported her in the van to Fort Portal where he could do the procedure with the anesthetist at Buhinga Hospital.

The van is saving lives. It also makes possible educational drama productions in many village venues. Thanks to all donors.