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Thanks to two generous donors from New Jersey and two Ugandan donors, KIDA’s doctors are now equipped to do general anesthesia in emergency cases! Dr. Charles Irumba states, “We thank Friends of Ruwenzori and KIDA’s Director for the support that helps us offer safe operations to the general public and practice our skills fully without limitations. The operations we had suspended due to unsafe anesthesia are now being performed with more confidence that our patients will make it through.”

Recently a boy of 9 years with acute appendicitis needed an emergency appendectomy. He was successfully operated on at KIDA Hospital and recovered well. Without the instrument, he would have had to be transferred to Fort Portal Hospital in a poor state of health and might not have survived the long trip.

The Universal Anesthesia Machine at KIDA Hospital
The Universal Anesthesia Machine at KIDA Hospital

Mbambu Dorothy Graduates from University!

We were so thrilled to get this letter and news that this young woman recently graduated from University.  Read her story here!


I  Mbambu Dorothy, I happily appreciate the support you had to put in through my education.  It’s your support that has pushed me to this level I have reached and I think if it had not been you, I would not have managed due to my family background. Am born in a polygamous family whereby my mother’s side is neglected and school dues are not given making my education rights denied. There was always confusion and quarrels which made me a vulnerable girl in the family. We are born eight on our mother’s side but  its only me who has managed to attain this level of education because of your support through KIDA  the others dropped out of school along the way in secondary due to lack of money

The Friends of Ruwenzori started supporting me when I was in S.1 (2008) up to University level which I completed this year (2017) and also graduated and graduated in Sept  at Mountains of the Moon University in Fort Portal with a Bachelors degree in Social Work and Community Development.

Through the support you had to put in, I hope for a bright future. Though I have not yet got a job, God being my helper I will get one. I promise to help other vulnerable girls like me in case God leads me a job. You have done your part of empowering me and adding value in my life through this education, thank you so much. My family and I are happy to have a child in a family with a degree and all this happiness is because of you the Friends of Ruwenzori. Keep praying for as am looking for a job.

May the good Lord bless you abundantly.


 This is the third high performance award for KIDA Hospital in Kabarole District in the past 16 months! Medical Access, the organization that supplies HIV drugs and supplies to health facilities in Uganda with funding from the US, gave the award for excellent HIV commodities management.
Rev. Ezra and KIDA senior staff proudly display award certificates
Rev. Ezra and KIDA senior staff proudly display award certificates


There was lots of excitement on February 10, 2017 when 22 vocational students donned caps and gowns and got recognized for their achievements in mastering marketable skills, including brick-laying, sewing, carpentry and hair-dressing. The governor of Kabarole District addressed the students, exhorting them to use their skills to work hard, to be good responsible citizens and to avoid the use of addictive drugs. The ceremony ended with the distribution of raffle prizes that raised money for the Children's Ward.
Uganda dignitaries present a diploma to a student
Uganda dignitaries present a diploma to a student


The Friends of Ruwenzori Foundation recently collaborated with The Gretta Foundation, another California Bay Area nonprofit, to send one of KIDA's talented young people to Nursing School at Nsambya Hospital in Kampala. Donors to FORF's Delia O'Hara and Herb Johnson's Memorial Scholarship Fund can be very proud of Jonan Atuhaire, the young man pictured on the left, who passed the tough entry requirements to join the program. He is pictured here with his classmates who began their three-year training as diploma level nurses in November 2016. (Diploma nurses are equivalent to RNs in the US.) These young people would not otherwise have the financial means to attend nursing school, were it not for this Gretta Foundation program, which addresses the severe shortage of qualified nurses in Uganda.


On World AIDS Day, December 1, 2016, Baylor Uganda presented KIDA’s board representative Grace Kyomya with a beautiful plaque to recognize KIDA Hospital’s excellence in leadership and patient satisfaction. A Baylor official told Rev. Ezra Musobozi, KIDA’s director, that they have found KIDA to have a very high level of care, communication, and transparency with health workers and patients. This is the second year in a row that KIDA Hospital has received a high performance award in Kabarole District!

Rev. Ezra in turn thanked the Friends of Ruwenzori Foundation, “As we receive all this recognition as a young rural-based hospital, we say thank you for the financial input you have given us to facilitate our activities and motivate our staff.” 

Caring Together Leadership Award to KIDA Hospital
Caring Together Leadership Award to KIDA Hospital


Thanks to our donors who really came through for us, Friends of Ruwenzori recently raised the $19,000 needed to purchase a replacement van and get the old broken down one ready for resale. The van is an essential piece of equipment in the Ruwenzori foothills where all the roads are unpaved and get muddy in rainy seasons. The staff use it to pick up medicines and blood, deliver reports and transport patients in an emergency.

Pictured here are Catherine and her husband with their newborn, recently delivered by C-section at KIDA Hospital. Since their home is 6 km away and the home situation was tenuous, the doctor decided they needed a nurse to accompany them home and check things out. So this family received one of the first rides in the new van. 

A few days later a young mother named Elizabeth needed an emergency C-section at a time when neither of the anesthetists were available. The doctor on call transported her in the van to Fort Portal where he could do the procedure with the anesthetist at Buhinga Hospital.

The van is saving lives. It also makes possible educational drama productions in many village venues. Thanks to all donors.


On October 17, 2016, senior staff at KIDA joyfully celebrated after opening new equipment acquired at KIDA Hospital-a Dell projector, a projector screen and a white board. Now instead of using flipcharts and marking pens, presenters can use PowerPoint, which will improve visibility and effectiveness of the frequent staff educational presentations required by the Uganda Ministry of Health.
KIDA thanks the Friends of Ruwenzori faithful donors, which made possible the fulfillment of KIDA's budgetary request. The recent purchase improves the staff learning and Continuous Professional Development (CPD). Thanks to all donors!
A moment of joy at a senior staff meeting
A moment of joy at a senior staff meeting


KIDA's van, that is used for so many outreach activities and serves as an ambulance as well, broke down irreparably last month. Even before it's final breakdown, trips to Fort Portal 24 km away were taking up to 2 hours, much too long for patients who needed specialty treatment at the Regional Hospital. The van had been serving KIDA well for eight years, transporting the drama group and KIDA staff over very rough roads. Friends of Ruwenzori is currently raising funds for a replacement van. If you can help, click here.

This is an outreach team going out to educate and help remote villages
This is an outreach team going out to educate and help remote villages


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